Winter Weather Preparation

With extremely low temperatures and high winds plaguing the Delmarva Peninsula for the next several days, Chesapeake Utilities and Sandpiper Energy crews are on standby to ensure safe, reliable service and to assist any customer who is experiencing a natural gas issue, should one occur. Chesapeake Utilities and Sandpiper Energy encourage customers to consider saving money using conservation techniques. During extreme weather, there are a few measures customers can take to save money and keep their homes safe:

  • Keep all outside vents and gas meters clear of snow and debris. Vents need to be clear to ensure appliances can operate safely and efficiently. Meters are specialized apparatus and removing snow and ice from the area assists in protecting the equipment, allowing it to run more efficiently.
  • If using a generator during an electrical outage, customers should refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual for information on proper venting and operation.
  • Customers should not attempt to re-ignite a pilot light on appliances. Should a pilot light need attention, customers should call Chesapeake Utilities or a licensed plumber.
  • Customers can save approximately 3 percent on their heating bill for every degree their home thermostats are reduced.
    Most importantly, please consider your safety and the safety of your family and neighbors when shoveling and working outside in extreme temperatures for an extended period of time.

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