Chesapeake Utilities Budget Billing

With Chesapeake Utilities Budget Billing, you can stabilize your monthly energy costs and pay the same amount each month during the winter heating season. It’s a free service and easy to join!

Enrollment Form

To sign up for the Budget Payment Plan, please click on the link above or contact the Customer Care Team 800.427.2883.

Enrollment Details

The Budget Billing Program is voluntary.

Customers must be in good standing with no past due balance at the time of enrollment. The residence must have had consumption from September through May.

The program is available to both residential and small business customers. Enrollment begins in July and ends with your September billing.

Your first Budget payment will be due with your September billing and will continue through May.

In order to be auto-enrolled, you must have remained on the program through your May billing and have a zero balance by the September bill.

All monthly payments under this plan must be made by the scheduled due dates in order to remain on the plan.

If you would like to leave the Budget Billing Program, you can cancel your enrollment in the program at any time. (Chesapeake Utilities recommends that you stay in the program for at least 9 months to realize the benefits). If you cancel your budget bill enrollment, any balance owed will become due with your next bill.

How Budget Billing Is Calculated

Your monthly budget billing payment will be based on the past 9 month consumption history during the heating Season (September – May) at your service address.

The monthly budget billing payment may be adjusted to account for the fluctuations in your energy consumption and/or unexpected changes in winter weather.

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