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Natural Gas Benefits

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    Natural gas is a clean, domestic, abundant and efficient source of energy – making it the perfect foundation fuel to help strengthen America’s economic recovery, meet our environmental challenges and improve our overall national security by reducing our dependence on foreign energy sources.

    Natural gas is clean.

    By far the cleanest burning of fossil fuels, natural gas helps to curtail global warming by emitting about 45% less CO2 than coal and 27% less CO2 than oil.

    Natural gas is efficient.

    92% of the natural gas delivered to customers is usable energy, compared to only 32% for coal burned to make electricity.

    Natural gas is abundant.

    Our current domestic natural gas base is large enough to meet current U.S. production demand for another 100 years.

    Natural gas is domestic.

    About 98% of the natural gas used in North America comes from North America, helping to make us more energy independent and less vulnerable to volatile oil pricing.

    Natural gas is safe.

    According to the National Transportation Safety Board, natural gas pipelines are the safest form of energy transportation – safer than by truck or rail. And natural gas companies spend approximately $7 billion a year on safety programs.

    Natural gas is preferred.

    Across the U.S., natural gas is used in roughly 65 million homes, 5 million commercial and public buildings including schools and hospitals, and 195,000 factories.

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    Natural Gas can provide the most cost-effective solution to your business space heating, water heating, and other operational needs. Are you new to natural gas? Our trained sales and service professionals will work with you the entire conversion process and make your introduction to natural gas a successful one.

    Gas for Primary, Or Space Heat

    Natural gas heating equipment is energy efficient, making maximum use of every energy dollar you spend. High efficient furnaces and boilers are designed to cut your energy costs by increasing the amount of heat obtained from every Btu of fuel consumed. Whether it’s a new furnace or boiler for your primary heating application, a gas space heater to supplement your central heat source, you’ll have selected the most efficient, cleanest fossil fuel, and the most versatile energy source for your business.

    How to Cool Your Business with Natural Gas

    Natural gas air conditioning systems are revolutionizing commercial air conditioning. Natural gas driven chillers, gas driven engine/compressor power pack combined with electric supply blowers and Desiccant cooling systems are saving money for many businesses. Natural gas-fired desiccant dehumidification systems are perfect for supermarkets, medical facilities, hotels, malls, pharmaceutical plants, health clubs, and anywhere else indoor air quality is important. They reduce the moisture from the air before it’s conditioned. This reduces the cooling load and operating costs while improving the quality of the indoor air.

    Water Heating

    A natural gas water heater can heat twice as much water per hour as an electric model and they easily handle extremely high loads. Today’s commercial natural gas water heaters have new features like superior insulation, efficient burner design and precise temperature controls that consume one-third less energy than they did just a few years ago. What does that mean for your business? More hot water in less time using less energy.

    Cooking and Restaurant Applications

    Ask professional chefs across the nation and they’ll tell you that natural gas is the best energy source for all of their cooking, baking, and kitchen requirements. Chefs prefer gas cooking for its instant heat on the range and in the oven, its wide range of temperature controls, and precise temperature settings. Gas ranges, infrared ovens, and booster heaters provide the right tools to make your restaurant or professional kitchen smell of success. On top of all that, did we mention that when you use natural gas, you could actually cut your kitchen’ s operating costs by 30%?

    Gas Drying

    Natural gas dryers produce a moist heat that is not likely to burn or discolor fabrics as electric dryers. Clothes dried with a natural gas dryer are dried more thoroughly, more quickly, and much more economically. Whether it’ s for your Laundromat, hotel, or hospital, natural gas dryers are the ticket for your high demand drying needs.

    Natural Gas Vehicles – Smart, environmental, cost effective

    Energy conservation and sustainability practices are very important in today’s economic climate. Cost and environmental impact associated with transportation is a continuing concern for fleet managers. Natural gas vehicles offer environmental, energy efficient and cost saving solutions for transportation systems.

    To meet increasingly stringent emissions regulations for heavy-duty vehicles, while maintaining performance, functionality, safety, and cost competitiveness, fleet managers must have a well developed solution. The use of natural gas fueled vehicles (NGVs) in your fleet provides you the answer.

    NGVs produce lower levels of most exhaust pollutants than gasoline or diesel vehicles. Compared to diesel vehicles, dedicated NGVs reduce exhaust emissions of non-methane organic gases by 89%, carbon monoxide by 70%, nitrogen oxides by 87%, and carbon dioxide (greenhouse gases) by 24%. Also, power is not sacrificed with today’s natural gas vehicles.
    Natural gas has a 117 octane rating that results in higher engine compression ratios, improved engine performance, reduced maintenance, higher reliability, and cleaner air.

    Several fueling configurations are available to meet your specific fleet needs. Quick-fill, time-fill or a combination fill system will provide you the flexibility your fleet requirements. To find out more how an NGV fleet option can benefit your operation, contact us for the solution that meets your needs.

    Construction Heat Brochure

    Warm up to the advantages of natural gas for your commercial construction needs.

    Save Money!
    Natural gas is economical. Save up to 50% over propane… savings that go straight to your bottom line! No weekend or off-hour visits to the job site to switch fuel tanks — your gas supply is constant and dependable. With natural gas, you pay only for the fuel you use.

    Be Safe!
    • Meets NFPA 54 national standards and Chesapeake Utilities standards
    • OSHA approved
    • No fuel tanks or fuel barriers needed
    • Work with CSA/AGA approved vendors and equipment
    • Systems engineered by industry experts

    Save Time!
    Natural gas is a drier heat source. Cure concrete, adhesives and paint faster and more cost effectively than other energy sources.
    • Allows quicker completion of interior work.
    • Helps keep your project on schedule.
    • No propane tanks to change, store or coordinate deliveries.

    Rebates and Assistance Programs

    Check back for the latest rebates and money saving programs.

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    Chesapeake offers its large commercial and industrial users many levels of service to meet their unique needs. Our distribution system is an “open access” system allowing customers that qualify to purchase gas from a third party vendor and transport it through our pipe. We also offer traditional tariff-based gas sales on both a firm and interruptible basis. Whatever the needs are, we can meet and exceed all of your natural gas service expectations.

    Rebates and Assistance Programs

    Check back for the latest rebates and money saving programs.

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