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Enjoy the ease and convenience of Electronic Billing

EZ-BILLING gives you the same information as a paper bill, while allowing you to manage all aspects of your bill online. And the best part? It’s free.


Set up monthly payments to automatically be deducted from your checking or savings account with no fee

Easily view your billing and payment history

View your billing history and compare monthly usage anytime, anywhere

Never Miss a Payment

Set up your email or text notifications for viewing bills, payment reminders, confirmations, etc.

Environmentally Friendly

Eliminate paper clutter and waste; no need to keep paper files of your bill; we’ll keep your past bills online

You now have more options to pay your Chesapeake Utilities bill. It’s fast, easy and convenient.

More freedom and choices to pay your energy bill

Pay any way you want—online, by phone, or at an extensive third party retail network.


Enjoy 24/7 access to and pay your bill via phone, online or any mobile device at a reduced fee

New Look & Features

Refreshed and easier-to-use online and phone payment systems

Real Time Information

Receive immediate payment confirmations and see your balance in as soon as 24 hours

Closer to you

Pay your bill with cash at CVS, 7-Eleven and other stores at no cost

When will these new features be available?

Spring of 2019

March 2020

EZ-BILLING Frequently Asked Questions

Chesapeake Billing EZ-BILLING FAQs give you answers to our most frequently asked questions. Find out how you will be able to make payments, view your bill, and other popular inquiries.

EZ-PAY Frequently Asked Questions

Chesapeake Billing EZ-PAY FAQs give you answers to our most frequently asked questions. Find out how you will be able to make one-time payments, view your bill, avoid common fees, and other popular inquiries.

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